About Rebecca

About Rebecca

Hi and welcome to Ornaments by Rebecca. I love creating ornaments for every season and occasion. I think I discovered the world of crafting in kindergarten when they handed me my first piece of paper and bottle of finger paints… I’ve been at it ever since. I also have OCD…  Obsessive Christmas Disorder which I thank my grandma for. When I was five she bought me my first little 3 foot aluminum tree with pink pine cone ornaments frosted in white. I haven’t stopped since. The crafting and Christmas became a natural extension of each other. Much of my Christmas village is handcrafted ceramic house I’ve made, as are many of the Santa’s in my collection. With Pinterest came a whole new world of crafting to explore and I became fascinated with the quilted Christmas ornaments. I made two and haven’t stopped since.

It didn’t take long to realize ornaments are a year round thing. The spring and summer collection looks beautiful piled in a basket or hanging from a ornament stand. The patriotic red, white and blue are stunning accents to your 4th of July table or door wreath. Autumn… Halloween… Thanksgiving and of course Christmas. The possibilities are endless.

I love the time and effort that goes into each, one from looking for just the right fabrics to go together, to the hand crafting of each unique one. I may use some of the same fabrics on several ornaments, but each finished ornament is unique… no two finished designs are ever the same. Each is created with love to hold memories for years to come and to be passed down from generation to generation.

I hope you enjoy your time with here and will visit often. We would love to connect on social media as well. And we love to hear from you. Your questions are always welcome and I would love to hear your holiday stories.

Creating handcrafted memories….