Real or Artificial Christmas Tree… Which Do You Prefer?

Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?


Christmas Tree

I love both real and artificial Christmas trees.  In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tree I didn’t love!  Real trees are hard to do in South Florida. They cut Christmas trees so early up North in order to ship them and be here by Thanksgiving. Then add our winter temps that are still in the 80’s you have a recipe for all the needles to be on the floor long before Christmas.  I learned this the hard way back when I was a single mom with 2 kids.  We bought the Christmas tree the day before Thanksgiving and set it in the stand for the branches to fall.  When we woke the day after Thanksgiving to decorate the tree…. all the needles were on the floor under it.  I will never forget the look on my kids faces.  And if you have been a single mom, you know another tree is not in the budget.  Thank you to my mom and dad who bought us our first artificial Christmas tree!  They saved some broken hearts that day.  Since then, most of my trees are artificial. Besides… how could I get a real fuscia or silver or black tree with the real ones. lol I do love to pick up a really small one to at least get the fresh pine smell. I do have to admit, I have been know to stand in the middle of local tree lots just to get my fix of pine smell for the season. What is your preference?  I would love to hear which you prefer in the comments!

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