The Secret To Picking The Perfect Ornament Colors

How To Pick The Perfect Colors

One of the most difficult parts of making ornaments is finding the right combination of colors for that perfect look. It is not only the most difficult part, but at times takes longest amount of time. I’ve taken several art classes about color and design, but  still struggled when faced with bolts and bolts of fabric in Joann’s.  That is until I figured out those dots along the edge of the selvage are there for a really useful purpose.  To help us match colors!

Perfect ColorThe dots (in some cases squares), are sometimes called color registrations. They are there for two purposes.  You’ll notice numbers in the circles…  These are used  by the manufacturer to signify which order the colors are placed on the fabric. And to make sure the printing is staying in line.  If the numbers start to stray out of the circle, they have to stop and re-calibrate the machine.  Once the bolts hit our favorite store, the circles are a great little cheat sheet to help us find that perfect color blend to create our ornaments.



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